Wenn man eins nicht leugnen kann , ist das die Kreativit??t von SPAM-Mails

„Who’s Who Headquarters“
Datum: Mo, 8.03.2010, 11:08

Dear Herr Christian Ohler:

On behalf of International WHO’S WHO of Professionals, I am pleased to
inform you that you have been nominated as a candidate for inclusion in
the 2010 Edition. We congratulate you!
Nomination into WHO’S WHO is an honor in itself.

International WHO’S WHO has over 20,000 members in 154 countries
worldwide. It is the most elite professional network in the world. Our
members assist each other daily with business and career opportunities.

It is in times like these that such a network is most valuable and we are
seeing members help other members expand their businesses, find new
positions, even relocate to another country.

If selected into WHO’S WHO, you will also be listed in the 2010 Edition of
International WHO’S WHO of Professionals. This is the definitive work on
the world’s leaders in commerce, economics, policy, and trade.

We do require additional information to complete the selection process and
we ask that you provide your biographical data by accessing the form on
our website at:

Our editorial deadline is quickly approaching. I urge you to act today. If you delay, I cannot guarantee the committee will have ample time to
review your submission.


Terrence Leifheit
Chairman and CEO
2020 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., PMB #504
Washington, D.C. 20006

P.S. There is no cost or obligation to be listed in the
International WHO’S WHO of Professionals. To ensure your
biographical data is received in time, please complete this
online form
by April 15, 2010. Upon review, our Membership Selection
Committee will be in touch with you.

Members of our Board of Advisors include: Wallid Abdo, CEO,
Eurobrokers-Greece; Michael Gondive, CEO, Eastern and Southern
African Trade and Development Bank-Kenya; Fehmi Sami, Senior VP,
Citibank, N.A.-Great Britain; Yusuf Alami, COO, Abdu Dhabi
Investment Company-UAE; Mikhail Zaitsev, Finance Director, Volvo
Car-Russia; DR. Jung Kook Paeng, CIO, Hyundai Motor Company,
Korea; John Sai Chi Mak, Managing Director, Bulova Watch
International, Ltd.-Hong Kong; and Aldo Castelli, President,
Shell Brasil, Ltda.-Brazil

Note: If you wish to unsubscribe from International WHO’S WHO of
Professionals please click on the link below:


click the link to unsubscribe
Frankform, The Administration Building, The Wharf, GU29

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